President Donald Trump unleashed a flurry of Tweets aimed at Democrats in a demand that governors begin lifting statewide lock-downs when the outbreak flattens and the peak is over.

Trump suggests that each state is different and had recently said it will be up to each governor to make their own decisions on when and how to start lifting stay-at-home orders and other lock-down sanctions that were put in place to help flatten the curve of the outbreak that originated in China and has since traveled all over the world.

Trump’s tweet storm against Democrats focused on Minnesota, Michigan, and Virginia and targeted specifically the Democrat governors leading those individual states.

Each American state varies in population and lifting preventative measures will surely vary for each state. For example, New York might wait longer if the outbreak is still running wild in New York City. On the contrary, a state in the mid-west with a more rural population might not have the same numbers as NYC and they could possibly get back to normal a lot sooner.

Trump’s messages on Twitter also particularly called out New York’s Governor Cuomo and said he should stop complaining. This happened after Cuomo lashed out on the federal government, accusing them of not passing enough funding for New York.

Trump didn’t stop at those three states or Governor Cuomo. The president also called out Barack Obama and Joe Biden for Obamacare’s website being ridiculously expensive (this is true) and accused them of bungling the H1N1 situation, labeling their response as “disastrous.”

To top it off, Trump called out China for providing inaccurate numbers, accusing them of purposely fabricating the information they provided to the rest of the world.

President Donald Trump is known to go on “tweet storms” on occasion and this one had several targets in mind.

Photo of compiled tweets via Breitbart:


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