Former President Donald Trump criticized Biden administration on FOX Business’s “Varney & Co.” on Friday, addressing his successor’s handling of the energy policies, rising inflation, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, and the crisis at the southern border.

The former President said that Biden “lied so much” ahead of the election, noting that Biden shut down the Keystone Pipeline nearly immediately after taking office when he had previously signaled that he would consider keeping the project going.

He also pointed out that the energy policies of the Biden administration are directly contributing to the rising inflation: “What’s happening with energy, nobody’s ever seen it. In California – [gas] is $7.77 in certain areas of California….People remember in a debate, also, I said, you’re going to have $5, $6, $7 gasoline, and even more than that, I just didn’t know I was going to be right so soon.”

Trump commented on the Biden administration’s handling of the border crisis and the way the Afghanistan withdrawal was handled as “a disgrace.”

“The whole world looks at us differently today than they did a year ago. A year ago, they had great respect for this country. Now they look at us like we’re a bunch of wimps which they can’t even believe,” the former president said.

He added that he believes that if he decides to run for the White House again, he will win.

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