A comedian having some fun has reenacted President Donald Trump’s now infamous “disinfectant” press briefing and her video has millions of views. She does the video by acting like she’s the president, saying what he said in the briefing, and adding a few humorous gestures to it.

Whether someone is a fan of President Donald Trump, or someone dislikes him, the video is still fairly humorous and it brings a good tone and vibe to an otherwise controversial moment that was hyped up by the media in an attempt to get everyone talking.

The comedian’s name is Sarah Cooper and here’s her funny video.

Some people may criticize Cooper as an anti-Trumper for making the video, but if you look beyond the politics, you’ll see we can all use a little bit of a laugh and she did a fine job of this video. She was right on point with Trump’s voice, so this took some effort!

Just to remind readers, it was already fact checked that President Donald Trump did not suggest for people to eat or inject disinfectants. He made a comparison to how they work and asked if we, meaning medical professionals, could perform something “like” that – meaning is there any way for a doctor to inject something into the human body that will perform the same process of a disinfectant and remove the virus from the body within one minute.

President Trump is not a medical professional, and during that briefing, he referred to the medical professionals. He sometimes appears to think out loud, which is often then taken out of context or sensationalized by mainstream media outlets.

One of the lead fact checking outlets has deemed many of the disinfectant stories as false accusations.

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