Joe Biden did more damage than the FIVE worst presidents in history, claims Trump

Former President Donald Trump compared President Joe Biden to the five worst presidents in history and suggested that Biden was way worse. Trump didn’t name the five worst presidents as it was just a hypothetical statement of which could be up for debate.

Trump’s direct quote was: “You could take the five worst presidents in American history and put them together and they would not have been able to do the damage that Joe Biden has done to our country in 16 months. Think of the damage that’s been caused.”
It’s unclear what the amount of damage Joe Biden has done in comparison to the five worst presidents mentioned by Donald Trump, particularly because everyone might have a different opinion of who the top five worst presidents of all time is.
Another thing that could impact Americans is the massive influx of migrants waiting at the border to see if/when Title 42 is revoked. DHS expects up to 18,000 migrants to flood into the United States if the Trump-era regulation is revoked.
Meanwhile, according to DHS, the United States is said to be bracing for an influx of migrants at the southern border if Title 42 revoked.
ABC stated in a report that up to 18,000 migrants per day according to senior officials of DHS. “The DHS officials said they have “no idea” when Title 42, the controversial Trump administration policy that deports single adults under the auspices of a public health emergency, will be lifted. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is currently conducting a review of Title 42, which must be completed by March 30. An announcement on whether it will be renewed is expected soon thereafter.
It should be known that the 18,000 per day is merely a prediction number officials came up with during their tests. “Officials said they have run through three scenarios and the highest level of migrants coming across the border per day was 18,000. They stressed it is only a prediction and they are prepared for anything. DHS has also established a joint information center with officials from across the federal government.
Considering how Democrats operate and are interested in removing things put in place by former President Donald Trump, this could become a reality.  The report continued, saying: “I think it’s unclear what the impact of Title 42 potentially lifting in the coming days, weeks or months would be on migratory flows, but we need to be prepared for considering a potential contingency, which is that the lifting of Title 42 could increase flows and so that is definitely part of this planning process,” one senior DHS official said.
It’s unclear how this would impact the American economy and inflation.

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