I’m Done: Tim Burton ‘needed to escape’ and cut ties with Disney

After the Dumbo remake, Tim Burton declared he was “done” with Disney. He described the working the Disney conditions as a ‘horrible big circus.’ Tim Burton is ready to cut the ties after more than four decades of collaboration.


After directing his 2019 Dumbo remake, the author of The Nightmare Before Christmas, who started working at the renowned studio as an animator right out of college, explained that he has little ambition to partner with Disney ever again.

“My history is that I started out there. I was hired and fired like several times throughout my career there,” he explained. “The thing about Dumbo is that’s why I think my days with Disney are done: I realized that I was Dumbo, that I was working in this horrible big circus, and I needed to escape.”

Burton noted, “That movie is quite autobiographical at a certain level.”

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The director also attacked Disney for prioritizing its more well-known Marvel, Pixar, and Star Wars brands over smaller projects. The director explains that Marvel isn’t his cup of tea. “I can only deal with one universe, l can’t deal with a multi-universe.”

The Nightmare Before Christmas, Alice in Wonderland, and its 2016 sequel, Frankenweenie, James and the Giant Peach, and Dumbo, are just a few of the Disney movies that Burton has directed and produced, said EW.

For the time being, viewers can expect to see Burton’s vision come to life in the comedy series based on the Addams Family on Netflix.

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