Throw the Bums Out: crowd applauds Gov. DeSantis in recent video

An audience applauded for Florida’s Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis as he turned heads in a recent video targeting ineffective members of school boards who do little to nothing to help the school districts in the panhandle state.
WATCH the video:

DeSantis has signed CB/HB 1467 into law which places a new four-year term limit on members of the school boards. This also offers governmental oversight and/or approval process to materials presented in libraries and classrooms, possibly targeting critical race theory content or removing anything that’s deemed anti-American.
DeSantis was talking at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach about this and suggested this is to act as a resistance from leftists teachers who seek to indoctrinate students with their personal beliefs, rather than teaching what should be taught.
DeSantis said: “What this is going to do is it is going to require transparency with respect to the materials that are being taught in classrooms or that are available in school libraries, and so if that’s something that is going to be used, then that’s something that a parent would have the right to understand and know that’s going out there… It also provides an ability for parents to review this and lodge objections if they find the material to either deviate from state standards or to just be inappropriate. I’m a big believer in term limits, but you don’t always even have to wait for that to attach, you can throw the bums out in the election… If they mistreated your kids or they didn’t follow the law… you have an opportunity, for many of them will be up for re-election.”
Click Orlando reported: “The 13-page bill, which you can read here, provides in part that district school board members serve four-year terms. Current board members who by the end of their ongoing term would have served 12 consecutive years in office will be barred from appearing on the ballot for reelection in November, the bill states. Service of a term that commenced before November 8, 2022, will not be counted toward this limitation. According to the bill, anyone involved in the selection of a K-12 district school’s library materials must complete a training program designed by the Florida Department of Education before they can qualify to do so. The program will be made available on January 1, 2023, and superintendents must report to the department that all relevant persons complete the training by July 1 of that year, the bill states.

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