Three Republicans joined 50 Democrats in supporting Joe Biden’s nominee

The Senate voted on Thursday to confirm Lady Ketanji B. Jackson to a High Court, making her the very first woman of color to rule on the nation’s highest court. With the vote of 53 to 47, Jackson’s confirmation as the 116th High Court Judge had bipartisan support in the upper house.
Senators Mitt Romney of Utah, Susan Collins of Maine, and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska were among the 50 Democrats who backed President Joe Biden’s candidacy. VP Kamala Harris presided over the Senate during the vote, becoming the first woman and the first woman of color to do so.
“The number of yays in this vote is 53. The number of nays is 47, and the nomination is confirmed. “Senators applauded in ovation as Harris spoke. Mr. Biden’s nomination to the High Court is likely to be a key part of his legacy, and it was his first chance to leave an imprint on the court. Nevertheless, Jackson will not join the seat straight away because Judge Stephen Breyer, who will occupy Jackson’s seat, is set to finish by the end of the Supreme Court’s term this summertime, as said in a report.
Inside the Roosevelt Office of said White House, Biden, as well as Jackson, witnessed the voting. As the Senate cleared the needed threshold for her confirmation, cameras captured the two hugging. After nearly a year on the Circuit Court Of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, the nation’s second strongest court, Jackson shall join the High Court.
Jackson will hear a number of cases challenging admissions rules at Harvard University college of Carolina, as well as redistricting and religious liberty disputes, during her first term on the jury. Jackson has stated that she will recuse herself from the Harvard legal battle since she is a member of one of the school’s two governing bodies, the Board of Overseers.

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