Texas is once again proving they aren’t messing around as Gov. Abbott just sent two more busloads of migrants to a place Kamala Harris won’t like. In Washington, D.C., near Vice President Kamala Harris’ residence at the Naval Observatory, two migrant buses from Del Rio, Texas, have arrived with over 100 people. The 100 group of people, which includes migrants from Mexico, Venezuela, Uruguay, and Colombia, were picked up in Eagle Pass, Texas, and were sent by Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. Contrary to what Harris said Sunday during an interview, multiple migrants said they think the border is open.

Just hours after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis followed through on his similar promise, the latest convoy of buses arrived. DeSantis promised to drop off illegal immigrants in progressive states, sending two planes full of migrants to Martha’s Vineyard.

The migrants were told that they would be going to a local church, as a representative showed up from a non-governmental organization called Sanctuary DMV said. They were “at Union Station since 6 in the morning waiting,” said Carla Bustillos of Sanctuary DMV, and “just heard 20 minutes ago that the drop-off was this one.” “We’ve already set up a church and a location — a safe location for them to tell us where they need to go next, where they have relatives,” Bustillos continued, said Fox News.

This ongoing method of protest for southern states overrun with migrants that are feeling ignored by President Biden’s administration has become more and more popular with the relocation of incoming illegal border-crossers.

“I was surprised to see [the press] here before we could get here. So the press knew the location before we did, some of the volunteers… it’s very frustrating. We’re gonna make it happen, but it takes a lot of resources, a lot of effort,” Bustillos said.

In recent weeks, dozens of buses filled with border-crossers were sent by Abbott to Washington, D.C., New York City, and Chicago. Border towns in Texas are overwhelmed, Abbott argues, saying that those in power in D.C. and NYC should face the realities of the border crisis.

Muriel Bowser, the Washington D.C. Mayor, has recently declared a public emergency over the buses of migrants’ continued arrival in the city from Texas and Arizona. To accommodate migrants, funding will be set aside by this Bowser’s emergency declaration, as well as create the Office of Migrant Services.

Governors of Texas and Arizona were blamed by a member of the Council of the District of Columbia, Brianne Nadeau, for the city’s public migrant emergency. She also said that the city’s systems were not set up to serve the migrants that continue to arrive in the city from the southern states.

“So, it’s been said, but it’s worth reiterating, that the governors of Texas and Arizona have created this crisis. And, the federal government has not stepped up to assist the District of Columbia. So we, along with our regional partners, we’ll do what we’ve always done. We’ll rise to the occasion,” she told the reporters.

The National Guard was requested twice now by Bowser to be activated to assist with thousands of migrants arriving in the nation’s capital, but both requests have been denied by the Pentagon.

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