Many on the left are calling for increased gun control measures, after the unspeakably grievous mass murder at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, but without specifying exactly what legislation could have prevented the horrifying event. Ken Paxton, a General Attorney who joined Glenn Beck on the radio program to detail specific he believes could stop similar school atrocities in the future measures, says that gun laws are not the answer but that arming teachers could be one of them.

Texas has already put laws in place that allow schools to opt into training and arming teachers as either a marshal or under the guardian program, Paxton told Glenn.
“We passed laws when I was in the Texas Senate, I think it was 2013, that would have helped greatly. There’s no way that law enforcement can get to every location as fast as they would need to,” said Paxton.
Glenn interjected, saying: “I’ll tell you, I went to a school where my son was playing football … and there were signs all over. ‘Beware. Teachers are armed. We take the Second Amendment and the protection of our students seriously.’ It was so clear — not doing anything here. That’s the way to do it.”
“Yes, I think that’s the way it should be. I mean, these people [shooters], they know they’re safe, at least until law enforcement gets there, to accomplish their goals. And we’re going to keep seeing this happen until we decide as a state … to protect these kids,” Paxton agreed, per report.
“It’s ridiculous for the Biden administration to suggest that this kid who decided to violate the murder laws would [think], ‘Oh. Wait a minute, there’s a gun law. I can’t do this. I wouldn’t violate gun laws.’ It’s law-abiding citizens that follow the law. Second, we have a fentanyl crisis that the Biden administration has presumably invited and we’ve had over 100, 000 people that overdosed and died from fentanyl. […] Why isn’t the Biden administration so concerned about the hundred and something thousand people that died from overdoses because they opened up the border and allowed fentanyl to come across?” Paxton added.
One of the saddest parts of the Uvalde shooting is that an off-duty border patrol agent was a hero where the police on duty failed. He was in the middle of getting a haircut when his teacher wife notified him of what was going on.
The agent borrowed the barber’s shotgun, rushed to the school, saved his wife and dozens of children – but the police on duty hesitated to breach the building and take out the shooter. The lack of action and failure of the Uvalde police could be the reason more children and adults died that day and the police have already admitted their failures.
The bad situation turned ten times worse thanks to the police being too scared to breach and failing to do their job of keeping people safe. Many in the public are demanding the police officers present that day resign in shame, much like the Broward “cowards” from the Parkland shooting.

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