Senator Ted Cruz has a podcast named Verdict with Ted Cruz, where he often discusses the political situation in the U.S. This time, Cruz spoke about being quite enthusiastic about 2022, implying that he would rate the Republicans’ chances of reclaiming the House at 90/10 or even higher. Senator Ted Cruz believes that Republicans will take control of the House of Representatives in the approaching midterm elections and that President Joe Biden will be impeached in 2023.

Cruz also said that if the Republicans win the House next year, the president may face impeachment because he and his administration will have to go through serious investigations.

Cruz feels that the Democrats have weaponized the possibility of impeachment and that they will now have to face the consequences, whether deserved or not. He wanted to underline that this method was utilized to target Donald Trump solely on the basis of their disagreement with him.

Cruz believes that there will be great pressure on a Republican-controlled House to commence impeachment proceedings because there are multiple grounds for doing so. The sheer lack of lawfulness with which President Joe Biden enforced the border is probably the most compelling example. Cruz said that Republicans would just deify immigration rules in response to Democrats’ attempts to impeach Trump.


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