Ted Cruz wants to ‘stop every dumb*** thing Biden and Pelosi and Schumer are doing’

Republican Ted Cruz had quite a message for President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, with the Texan Senator saying he wants to ‘stop every dumb*** thing’ they are doing. One thing in particular, is Biden’s Build Back Better agenda. Ted Cruz referred to it as “Build Back Broke” and slammed the bill as a disaster.


Cruz made these comments while he was at an event called AmericaFest, saying specifically: “There are really three things I’m focused on right now in the Senate. Number one is leading the fight stop every dumb*** thing Biden and Pelosi and Schumer are doing.”

Ted Cruz wants to speak the truth, but said he has to “try and find ways to get around the media” in hopes to do that, focusing on the hearts and minds of Americans.

Cruz continued, saying: “I have focused day and night on winning in 2022, retaking the House and retaking the Senate…” He then commented on the upcoming 2022 elections, saying: “this year, we’re gonna be bigger, we’re gonna be bolder, we’re gonna raise more money, we’re gonna recruit more candidates, and we’re gonna win more seats.”

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Cruz then criticized some Republican leadership in DC, saying that some of his fellow politicians “support the candidates who aren’t gonna rock the boats… They support the candidates who are going to follow orders and be obedient. I’m looking for people who will rock the boats. I’m looking for conservatives who will lead the fight, and the problem is leadership funds the squishy candidates. I’m trying to ensure that real conservatives who have the courage to fight have the resources to be able to win and get their message out, because when we articulate what we believe as conservatives, we win.”

Donald Trump rocked the boat in politics.

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