Ted Cruz confronted at Houston restaurant, gets last laugh as security steps in to handle it

An activist confronted Sen. Ted Cruz at a Houston restaurant after his speech at the National Rifle Association’s annual convention. The activist got in Ted Cruz’s face, yelling at him about his views on guns shortly after the Uvalde school shooting took place. Ted Cruz stood tall and eventually sent the activist packin’.


The man yelled: “Why does this keep happening?” and accused Ted Cruz of “taking blood money” – a reference to Cruz giving a speech at the NRA convention soon after the massacre at Robb Elementary School where 19 children and two adults were killed.
The NY Post fingered the activist’s identity, saying he was “identified as Benjamin Hernandez with the liberal-leaning group Indivisible Houston, yells as security pushes him out of the eatery.”
The activist blurted out: “when 19 children died, that is on your hands …Ted Cruz that is on your hands.”
NY Post’s report continued: “Hernandez initially approached the senator amicably enough and requested a photograph, which Cruz obliged, video shows.
But after the flash, Hernandez confronts Cruz and asks the senator why he refuses to support further background checks for gun purchasers.
“The background checks wouldn’t have stopped the shooter,” Cruz responds. “You know what would have? The bill I introduced-“
Hernandez quickly cuts off Cruz, who becomes visibly more agitated. “We can make it harder for people to get guns in this country, sir,” Hernandez says. “You know that, but you stand here, you stand at the NRA convention, it is harder when there are more guns to stop gun violence.”
“You don’t know what you’re talking about,” Cruz says, the clip shows. As the verbal confrontation escalates, Cruz’s security detail gets in between the two and tells Hernandez to “back up” before he’s pushed out as things continue to escalate.”
The activist later tried to defend his actions on Twitter, suggesting he wasn’t about to let Ted Cruz walk without saying something. He said: “I wasn’t going to let that f—ker walk into the restaurant where I was having dinner and not have him hear me. They can do something, but they just don’t want to. So let’s let them have it… Challenge them every single time. Don’t stop until they do something.”
However, the activist may not be aware, but Ted Cruz had specifically rallied for more security and different means of protecting people in schools under the notion that new laws won’t always work because criminals don’t even follow the current laws, so why would they follow any new laws?
Criminals get to the point that they no longer care about the law, no matter how severe the punishment is, so logically thinking – why would a criminal all of a sudden follow a new law when they weren’t following the old ones?

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