Sometimes, the way of tipping at coffee shops and restaurants is not as easy as it seems – but this has gone too far! Tipping for bartenders, waiters and waitresses is normal, but now Starbucks and some other stores are expecting people to tip the person who might pour a cup of coffee or just turn the card reader around – and customers are saying NOPE! NO CHANCE!

With the new tipping system at Starbucks, that is exactly the inconvenience customers are finding themselves in. In May, the initiative was announced by the world-famous coffee shop chain, in order to make a way for customers to “recognize their favorite baristas.” In September, they began rolling it out in some of their stores. In those stores, customers who were paying with debit or credit cards can give the barista a $1, $2, or a custom tip – where they could prompt some strong feelings in the process, reported on Fortune.

More than 100 comments were already made in a Reddit thread about the tipping system, mostly negative. The thing is that for pouring a cup of coffee at Starbucks, there is no need for a tip, which still counts as a ‘doing your job’ type of payment – which baristas earn from their monthly paycheck.

So most of the time, no one is gonna leave a tip for turning around the little credit card thing, as it just does not make much sense to tip someone for just standing there.

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