Stacey Abrams laughed out loud at Joe Biden getting mocked, but tried to pivot away quickly (video)

Once failed gubernatorial candidate (who’s trying once again), Democrat Stacey Abrams, was seen on video laughing out loud as Joe Biden was mocked to her face with a joke about his cognitive state of mind.

This incident took place during an episode of 85 South Comedy Show as Abrams was a guest and they were discussing some political content.
At some point in the show, one of the hosts began mocking President Joe Biden and suggesting that he once turned around to shake hands with someone, but there was no one there. That incident might be the time Biden was on stage and pointed to the audience with a hand gesture that looked like he was going to shake hands with someone, but it was fact checked to be a pointing gesture instead.
As Abrams said the following, she was cut off by the host who started mocking Joe Biden, prompting laughter in the room by everyone, including Abrams, who tried to pivot back to politics.
Abrams stated: “Biden has talked about what that vision looks like…”
The host jumps in and says: “he forgot it though – his Alzheimer’s kicked in.”
“He did! You didn’t see him? He was talking the other day and he turned around and there was nobody back there… I’ll be damned! I thought somebody was behind me!”
“He was like “I’ll be damned, I’ll be damned. I thought somebody was behind me.”
There is no current diagnosis on Joe Biden to suggest he has a confirmed case of dementia or Alzheimer’s, but former President Donald Trump has made numerous statements against Biden and demands he take a cognitive test.
Trump’s statements came as recently as the beginning of this month: “The former president said that the short Biden video was “incredible” and “very sad to watch” before sharing it with the crowd. It included several edited clips of the president stuttering alongside captions that described him as “weak,” “unprepared,” “incapable” and “unstable.” Biden has had a lifelong struggle with stuttering, a condition that has nothing to do with cognitive abilities.
“It’s sad,” Trump said after the roughly 1-minute video played. “Joe Biden should put the question to rest, I don’t think we really need to know the answer, because we already do, by taking a cognitive test and releasing the results for all the world to see.
“Just like I did, I did it,” he added. “I got tired of these fake stories from these fake reporters, then I took the test … he should take the test. And by the way, everybody running for president should be forced to take this test.”


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