Democratic Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, who claims to oppose police funding, has been co-chairing a left-wing group that has donated tens of thousands of dollars to anti-police activists. It is well known that Abrams lost the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election to Republican incumbent Brian Kemp, whom she will face again this year. She falsely accused Kemp of stealing the election from her. She served as a board member of the Seattle-based Marguerite Casey Foundation. This foundation hosted an event in early February, titled, “Becoming Abolitionists—A History of Failed Police Reforms & Vision for True Public Safety,”

According to her financial disclosures, Abrams, who became a member of the Marguerite Casey Foundation in May 2021, received no less than $52,500 in income from the foundation. Prior to becoming a foundation governor, her campaign told Fox News Digital that Abrams did not hold the same views as the foundation, but a press release from the foundation issued weeks after she became one of its governors indicates that she was supportive of its wider anti-police efforts, said Fox News.

Millions of dollars have been awarded by the Marguerite Casey Foundation to professors and scholars who promote abolitionist views. As part of the foundation’s 2021 Freedom Scholars Awards, six professors received $250,000 each for their “leadership researches in critical areas, such as abolitionist, black, feminist, queer, radical, and anti-colonial studies.”

In a tweet in May 2020, Education Leaders of Color CEO Sharhonda Bossier, said “it means nothing that these elected officials are expressing support for peaceful protests,” and that politicians should instead support efforts to “fund the police.” This didn’t stop the Black Voices for Black Justice Fund from awarding her $20,000. Among those receiving awards this year was Kei Williams, a founding member of Black Lives Matter Global Network, who has repeatedly called for defunding the police, and activist William Jackson, who tweeted “I support abolishing the police.”

Stacey Abrams was listed as co-chair on the Black Voices for Black Justice website as recently as November, Fox News found. The site now displays a photo of Abrams and also lists her as one of the group’s two “co-chairs emeritus.” In the Roosevelt Institute’s Southern Economic Advancement Project (SEAP), Abrams also served as executive director. The Project is a liberal think tank whose goal is to abolish the filibuster and put racial justice at the center of all public policy.

Per a financial disclosure statement filed in March, Abrams received at least $708,324 from the organization in the years 2019 to 2021. Abrams rebranded the “defund” part of the police movement’s defund as a support for “reform and transformation,” instead of outright abolition, during the George Floyd unrest in 2020.

A Fox News Digital review of campaign documents shows that Abrams’ campaign receives huge donations from out-of-state mega Democratic donors such as Hollywood director Steven Spielberg and billionaire George Soros. According to Fox News Digital, the campaign of Abrams confirmed that the candidate “does not and never has supported defunding the police.”

Stacey Abrams was called a hypocrite when she suggested Atlanta was the ‘worst’ place to live, despite having several homes in the area.

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