Democratic House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has proposed fines for any lawmakers who refuse to go through the freshly installed metal detectors placed inside the United States Capitol. The proposed fines would also include any members who refuse to comply with security measures. This is in direct response to the incident where Trump supporters invaded the Capitol building and several people lost their lives during incidents that happened during that same day.

Pelosi’s proposal suggests fines of $5,000 and $10,000 be in effect starting on January 21 when the House is scheduled to return to session and after Joe Biden is inaugurated. The lower amount is for first time offenders, and the higher amount is for repeat offenders.

Hosts on Fox News criticized the hefty fine proposal and suggested that what happened to the Capitol last week by pro-Trump supporters came from outside the building and metal detectors would not have helped in that situation.

Pelosi suggests that the newly installed metal detectors are for everyone’s safety and a “tragic that this step is necessary” per a report on Fox News.

A handful of Republican lawmakers have refused to walk through the metal detectors and have evaded them by walking to the side.

WATCH the discussion on Pelosi’s proposed fines:

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