Billionaire George Soros shows support towards the Democratic party as he doubles his 2016 election spending. Public records show that for the 2020 race, Soros has sent $40 million to the super PAC known as Democracy PAC. Once again, this shows his efforts to remove President Donald Trump from his position. 

The Washington Free Beacon reports Sorors’ significant investments and how it has all gone to the Democracy PAC. The Democracy PAC leads in collecting the money and passing it to other liberal PACS to defeat Trump and the congressional Republicans. Super PAC received $40 million, double the $20 million Soros spent during the 2016 election. The money came from Soros and a nonprofit belonging to his network. 

Soros is not the only billionaire in this effort. Other mega donors are backing the Democratic Party. Some groups are financially backed by Soros, all who have pledged to launch multi million-dollar attack ad campaigns in swing states. They are targeting the swing states to convince moderate voters who supported Trump back in 2016. The liberal donor’s network promised to donate hundreds of millions to the Democrats for the 2020 election efforts. 

Republicans are aware of the donation towards ousting them. They acclaimed on how many of their Democratic counterparts are benefiting from Soros and other billionaires’ funding. One operative said, “While Democrats across the country sanctimoniously rail against the influence of dark money in politics, their party’s largest donors are bankrolling a massive web of liberal organizations to get them elected. George Soros’ unprecedented spending further highlights just how dependent Democrats are on contributions from billionaires, despite their hypocritical rhetoric.” 

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, many of the groups backed by Soros are top spenders that back the anti-Trump campaigns. These advertisements focus on criticizing the president in his response to the pandemic. Most of these advertisements take place in the swing states; Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin. 

Soros also gave $2 million to committees directly. He did not let these contributions go through his PAC. These donations include the $500,000 he gave to the Democratic Grassroots Victory Fund.

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