Biggest Diva: Skip Bayless reacts to Los Angeles Rams signing Odell Beckham Jr

Skip Bayless wasn’t holding back when he slammed the Los Angeles Rams and Odell Beckham Jr deal. Bayless pointed out that the Rams have enough weapons at wide receiver with Cooper Kupp, Robert Woods, and Van Jefferson, so what exactly do they need OBJ for?


Well, perhaps it’s depth at the wide receiver position – but was it worth it to sign Odell considering he’s such a diva and he’s busted up over the last few years with injuries and surgeries?

Wouldn’t it be better if someone like Van Jefferson stepped up and provided more explosiveness to the offense, because it’s not like Odell is running super fast anymore. The guy clearly lost a step amid all those injuries, so what exactly did the Rams make this move for other than for PR, depth, or just making a splash in the league so other teams couldn’t grab him?

And how exactly is Odell going to fit into an offense that’s already doing well at the WR position in the first place? Will Odell complain and whine once he doesn’t get the ball 10 times a game?

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Here’s what Skip Bayless is saying:


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