A sheriff, who is under investigation revolving around Rep. Lauren Boebert, is facing ‘baseless complaint,’ thanks to left-wingers. Following a complaint made by US Muckrakers leader David Wheeler last month, the Colorado Secretary of State’s office confirmed in a letter to The Hill that it had launched its investigation of Garfield County, Colorado, Sheriff Lou Vallario. The sheriff is accused of violating campaign finance rules in his push to support Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colo).

According to the Denver Post, American Muckrakers is a political action committee notorious for its efforts to topple Boebert. “Lauren Boebert has a history of believing she is above the law and telling lies. It looks like she and her political gang are going to be held to account by the authorities,” Muckrakers’ leader David Wheeler stated to The Hill.

Now, Wheeler accused Vallario of using his position and email account for the purpose of urging voters to support Boebert and calling out her Republican primary opponent, Don Coram.

There is enough evidence to show that Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario used his office to promote Lauren Boebert in June, according to a letter sent by the secretary of state’s office. The letter says, “The Complaint alleges that since 2018 Respondents have improperly used the office, equipment, email, resources, and Facebook page of the Garfield County Sheriff’s Department.

“The Complaint also alleges Respondents used those official resources to support a congressional candidate, deride the candidate’s opponent, make false statements about Complainant, and make political statements and endorsements in violation of Colorado law.”

Per Wheeler, Vallario sent several emails from that taxpayer-sponsored email account during that time, including an email he sent to himself campaigning for Boebert and attacking Coram’s policies on drug use, immigration, and law enforcement.

In an email titled “FW: Phone,“ Vallario wrote, “Hi, this is Garfield County Sheriff Lou Vallario calling on behalf of Lauren Boebert for Congress. Make no mistake, Lauren Boebert is the only candidate in the Republican primary supporting law enforcement.”

“I strongly encourage you to vote for Lauren Boebert and get your ballot turned in today,” he added.

There are potential violations of Colorado campaign finance laws, but at least one or more of them can be cured, according to the Secretary of State’s office, which has given the sheriff ten days to respond. Wheeler claimed that the sheriff had violated his civil rights for “purely political purposes.” But the Secretary of State indicated in his notice to Vallario that he would not be investigating Wheeler’s additional complaint.

Vallario refused to comment on the SoS process but said, “Given that I am used to working within a due process environment and the SoS has only received a one-sided complaint, I understand from their point of view that a violation(s) “may” exist. I think it is absolutely appropriate that I now have the opportunity to respond to those allegations.”

In a statement, a spokesperson for Boebert claimed, “This is a baseless complaint from a North Carolina-based, leftwing opposition group that has a history of telling lies that are subsequently disproven.”


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