This is Texas Democratic Rep Sheila Jackson Lee. She’s the chair of the Congressional task force created to focus on COVID-19. She wears her medical face mask like this. She has her nose mostly uncovered and it’s very hard to believe that someone actually voted for this woman who appears incapable of wearing a mask the correct way at the height of an outbreak.

Even worse, she was on television in Houston talking about ways people can prevent themselves from getting the virus and help stop the spread, but she’s wearing a mask like this, which is the completely wrong way.

Ken Webster Jr came through with the photo and his message stated, “this woman is the Chair of the Congressional Coronavirus taskforce & this is how she wears her medical mask.

Webster came through with another message, showing that the Mayor didn’t know how to wear a mask either. There is something seriously wrong with these people. Webster said, “Update: Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner doesn’t seem to understand how to put on a medical mask either. Mayor, your nostrils are showing.”

Let’s see what’s next. Oh, there’s Al Green who doesn’t cover his nose either. Webster stated, “Today I learned every Houston Democrat is a mouth breathing imbecile. Meet Rep Al Green.”

This certainly makes the argument for term limits much stronger.

How can one teach the public about safety when they wear a mask incorrectly?

Isn’t it common sense to wear a mask over one’s nose as the masks often have an adjustable piece that can bend over the nose?

Or… isn’t it common sense that if you’re covering your mouth breathing hole, that you cover your nose breathing holes too?

I dunno, I’m not a Democrat so simple things come naturally to me.

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