Controversial activist and alleged grifter Shaun King is being called out for threatening someone after he got called out for buying an expensive dog with donor money, allegedly. “I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work,” King posted in Instagram publications aimed at New York Post reporters Isabel Vincent and Kevin Sheehan.
Watch Shaun King get mocked on video:

“To Isabel Vincent of the @NYPost. You posted my house online. And caused white supremacists to show up at my doorstep to terrify my wife and kids. You interrupted our entire lives doing so. You knew that would happen when you published my home. But you did it anyway. And you did it without consequence. I know where you live. Where you used to live. Where your family lives. Where they work. Where they play. How you move around New York. And the Hamptons. And a few thousand other people know now as well,” he wrote.
“You motherf***ers that won’t leave me and my wife and kids alone … I’m about to return this pain back to you,” he wrote in a different Instagram post. Not only that, but King also posted a 10-minute video on his Instagram page detailing the reason he was “done with the high road, at least for now.” Several other media outlets including The New York Post, did report that the outspoken activist had used donor money to buy a $40,000 show dog. The site also gave an account of his attempt to justify his purchase of “extra security.”
He responded to that on Instagram and said, “Forty-two years of taking the high road has made it such that anybody, anywhere, can attack and spread dangerous information about my family without any consequences,” King said. “Normally, I will defend myself and my own reputation, and I will continue to do that as I need to, but now, I am going to use the same strategies that have been used against me, against those that have caused us harm. I am returning your strategies back to you.”
Isabel Vincent originally wrote an article in 2021 revealing that King had been living in a five-bedroom, 3,000-square-foot property in North Brunswick, New Jersey, with a “lakeside backyard” and a gourmet kitchen, per report on Fox News.
King had alluded that he will be retaliating in an Instagram post that went viral, “I tell you what. For the pain and misery that people caused my wife and kids, I’m going to start redistributing that pain right back to you. That’s my word. I’ve been far too kind to all of you that have disrupted my life and made my wife and kids cry. Not going to accept it. Cross my family again and see what happens. And I’m backdating this promise a few years.”
Shaun King has actually been involved in several racial controversies. Back in 2020, he has made one of his most infamous suggestions. He said that statues of Jesus Christ are a different kind of ”white supremacy” and thus, merited to be demolished or removed.

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