Send American troops to Canada: Candace Owens wants to deal with tyrant ‘Justin Trudeau Castro’

Political¬† personality Candace Owens suggested that Americans stop talking about Russia and start sending troops to invade Canada. Owens posted the following message on Twitter that said: “STOP talking about Russia. Send American troops to Canada to deal with the tyrannical reign of Justin Trudeau Castro. He has fundamentally declared himself dictator and is waging war on innocent Canadian protesters and those who have supported them financially.


Owens posted this knowing it’s simply a statement to get people fired up and there is basically zero chance that the American military will get involved in a situation like this.

What’s happening in Canada that would make Candace Owens say that? Truckers have gathered for a freedom convoy and are protesting against mandates.

Justin Trudeau has taken a stand against the protesters and truckers, and has at times spoken out against them, even suggesting a threat towards them with whatever power Trudeau has or laws he can enact to clear the protesting truckers.

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On the flip side, many people who agree with the truckers and their cause have stood tall with them. It’s an ongoing issue in Canada and remains to be Canada’s issue to deal with. Many of the truckers are not-interested in any sort of mandates and it appears they’re at an awkward position right now with Trudeau trying to take a stand against the truckers who want their freedom.

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