President Donald Trump vetoed the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), but his veto was overridden by the House who took a vote on it.

The NDAA previously passed the Senate with a overwhelming majority vote of 84-13, said to be “veto proof” (happened earlier in the month) but that appears to not be the case.  Senate previously voted to limit debate on it as well, with that vote coming in at 80-12 and only 60 votes were needed for that.

A two thirds vote was required to overturn Trump’s veto and the numbers came in at 81-13

CBS News reports that Trump originally put a veto on NDAA because it did not have a repeal of Section 230 and also “because of a provision on renaming bases honoring Confederate officials.”

It was argued that Section 230, which has to do with social media liability, was not relevant to national security because this was particularly a defense bill.

When it comes to Section 230, Mitch McConnell has linked that to increasing the $600 stimulus check from $600 to $2,000. However, McConnell has also called the larger check amount “socialism for rich people” as he consistently speaks down about the checks and has blocked it as well.

This marks the first time Trump had a veto overridden. He’s made nine vetoes during his presidency.

Video of the Senate overriding Trump’s veto can be seen here:

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