Sen. Cotton penned an op-ed detailing his desire to recall, remove, and replace every prosecutor linked to George Soros.

America has a problem with murder and drug overdose deaths and Cotton is getting fed up with it.

This bad trend continues today and it is not distributed very equally, as it is focused in cities and localities where radical, left-wing, George Soros progressives have taken state and district attorney offices. And the result is that in every neighborhood under their charge crime is rising rapidly.

Soros-linked prosecutors often appear soft on drug trafficking, shoplifting, and misdemeanors.

This erroneous pressure from Republicans to win the applause of liberals has strengthened the hand of radicals like George Soros.

If we admit that the pro-criminal First Step Act, which was passed by Republicans in 2018, was a step backward in the administration of justice, the Republican Party must then join with independents and common-sense Democrats to wage an unrelenting war on crime. But that war cannot begin without a campaign to recall, remove, and replace every last Soros prosecutor.

It seems like Americans must throw their garbage out once and for all and Sen. Cotton wants to start with the soft-on-crime prosecutors linked to George Soros.

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