Scott Walker, the former governor of Wisconsin, asked VP candidate Kamala Harris if she will visit the two deputies who were ambushed in her state of California. Walker also referenced Jacob Blake, a man who faced some controversial charges by police and who was visited by Harris.

Walker’s message to Kamala Harris was posted on Twitter. It included a the message made by the LA County Sheriffs who announced the ambush on their deputies in Compton.

Walker’s message stated, “Will @kamalaharris visit deputies who were shot (31-year-old mom & 24 year-old) in her state? She visited someone in WI who was charged with felony 3rd-degree s-xual assault and said she was proud of him. She & @JoeBiden need to side with law enforcement and denounce radicals.”

It should be noted that Kamala Harris spoke out against the suspect and suggested that justice be served. This was before Walker’s message was posted.

Harris’ message stated, “Doug and I are keeping the two Los Angeles County Sheriff’s deputies in our hearts as they currently fight for their lives after a horrific attack last night. The perpetrator must be brought to justice.” Her message included a tweet by Democratic candidate, Joe Biden, who also denounced the “horrific attack.”

It’s unclear if Kamala Harris has seen Walker’s message, although she was tagged in it directly.

It appears that all three figures, Scott Walker, Kamala Harris, and Joe Biden wish for the suspect to face the justice system. However, Walker’s message pointed out that Harris had visited someone who was shot by police, despite facing criminal charges. Walker wants to know if the two deputies who were surprised out of nowhere and shot randomly by the suspect will be given the same treatment and get a visit from Harris as well.

It was reported back on September 7th that Kamala Harris visited Jacob Blake. The visit was referred to as “inspirational and uplifting” despite the alleged criminal activity Blake has been charged with.

The deputies who were ambushed sat in their vehicle as someone approached, fired shots, and ran away. The deputies were taken to a hospital and are expected to survive.

The video can be seen here, but viewer discretion is advised.

Gunman flees after ambush on police vehicle, shooting 2 cops in Compton at Trending Views

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