Scarborough calls DC Trump-supporters extreme MAGA Freaks, says America won’t have a sane Republican Party until ‘Trumpism is crushed’

MSNBC, host Joe Scarborough referred to Trump supporters as MAGA Freaks per a Twitter post and video, saying “we need to look at what’s before us and how extreme these MAGA Washington freaks are.”

Furthermore, during another part of the ‘Morning Joe’ show, Scarborough suggested that Trumpism needs to be crushed in order for America to have a sane Republican Party.
Joe said: “America is not going to get a sane Republican Party back — not for a very, very long time, if ever… Just look what’s happened. Dr. Oz? I mean, you look at Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania. Here’s a guy who just changes positions every 15 minutes. It’s like, what does Donald Trump want?”
Joe blathered on: “He has completely changed positions on just about every issue. You look at JD Vance. He goes from hating Donald Trump to saying, ‘Oh, well, you know, good Christians should never support Donald Trump,’ to saying, ‘This guy is America’s Hitler,’ to giving him this big, old tight embrace, growing that old beard, changing himself up, trying to be a good old boy.”
Joe continued: “You see it in Pennsylvania… You have a perfectly sane, perfectly normal candidate running in the Republican primary in Pennsylvania. What chance does he have against Dr. Oz? I mean, this is, seriously, this is like ‘Back to the Future’ material. It’s just crazy stuff. But there is no sane Republican Party.”
To wrap it up, Joe said: “I don’t think there is going to be a sane Republican Party until Trumpism is crushed, destroyed and swept away, and all these candidates lose. Maybe that happens this year. I don’t think so.”

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