Rosanna Arquette claims ‘millions’ of Women trying to leave America ‘for good’

Actress Rosanna Arquette feels abortion is such a fundamental right that “millions of women” are considering leaving the nation now that Roe v. Wade is on the verge of being repealed.


The Pulp Fiction star cried, “Millions of women are finding out how to escape out of this nation for good.” The message was eventually removed, but Arquette’s pro-abortion campaigning remained.

“Let’s see and hear all the good guys out there (and there are a lot) stand with us now and stand up to the brutal Tyranny that is occurring to American women,” she tweeted. “Now is the time to stand up and speak out alongside us. Get their shoes off our wombs, everybody,” as reported.

Despite the fact that Arquette and abortion supporters are terrified of an America where certain states restrict the operation, they appear to be oblivious that the rest of the Western world is far from an abortion utopia. In comparison to Europe, America has some of the most liberal abortion regulations in the world, as conservative activist Elisha Krauss, highlighted in her Prager U video:

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After 12 weeks in Germany, for example, practically all abortions are prohibited. Even during the first 12 weeks, a woman must wait three days and undergo required counseling before being able to have an abortion. This is more stringent than Texas.

Denmark follows a similar pattern: after 12 weeks, certain limits apply. In Finland, pregnant women have until the 12th week of their pregnancy to have an unrestricted abortion, and within that time, they must demonstrate a strong cause for terminating their pregnancy.

Abortion on demand is permitted in France as well, but only for the first 12 weeks, after that, it becomes considerably more difficult. Abortions are legal in socialist Sweden till the 18th week of pregnancy, after which they are prohibited. A woman can have an abortion during the four-week “gray” period, but only if the National Board of Health and Welfare approves it.

After Politico published the Supreme Court judgment hinting that Roe v. Wade might be ended, Arquette became one of several Hollywood celebrities to speak out in favor of abortion.

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