In a world full of cancel culture, one actor is speaking out. Rob Schneider, the famous actor and comedian, said he is “absolutely” willing to lose everything for what he believes in. On an episode of “The Glenn Beck Podcast,” Schneider spoke with Glenn Beck and Beck asked Schneider point blank whether he was prepared for his beliefs to get him canceled and cost him everything.

Beck asked him: “Are you willing to lose it all for what you believe?” Schneider reacted instantly as he did not even take a moment to think, saying: “Absolutely. Because if we don’t have it, then we have nothing.” Schneider then continued, saying: “I’m not, I don’t care about my career anymore. I care about my children’s, the country they’re going to live in.”

Schneider then went on to tell a story, which he began by saying: “And my hope is this, my hope is a beautiful story.” The story was about American fighter pilots during the early days of World War II, who after a particularly grueling period, had lost a number of their friends in combat. They went to the chaplain and asked him if so many of them were just flying into the jaws of death, why should they continue to fly into battle, said Daily Wire. “This is like the dog days, 1942, late ’42, and like, their friends were getting blown out of the sky. They would go over in the bombers and half would come back, two-thirds would come back, you know, but they were dying,” Schneider explained.

Schneider said that they went to the Air Force chaplain after an especially rough period, and asked why they should continue to fly. They never said they weren’t prepared to keep flying, he noted, only that they wanted to understand why they should. According to Schneider, the chaplain then explained: “Humanity has come out of the dark ages. We’ve come out of where people get burned at the stake and people believe and go along with this. There’s a darkness that we have come out of into more of an enlightened period. … This is a step back into the … darkest parts of humanity and we need to stand up for that.”

“So they all flew,” Schneider said at the ending of the story.

“And we are there again,” Beck pointed out.

Schneider agreed, saying: “Yeah, and it requires a new set of fliers.”

Schneider also shared a tweet showing a selfie he had taken from a stage, with the audience behind him, his smile wide.

“I prioritize supporting a country that provides the same Freedoms for my children that made my career possible. This legacy to me is more important to me than the next chapter of my career. Love, Rob,” the caption read.

Photo: Daniel Benavides, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons

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