MI restaurant adds ‘COVID Surcharge’ to customer’s bill

Customers are upset after finding out a popular restaurant in West Michigan has been adding “COVID Surcharge” to their bill in the middle of a pandemic, when customers are already strapped for cash because they’re on lockdown – and not everyone can work from home.

The place is called Goog’s Pub & Grub and they claim the “COVID Surcharge” is a transparent way to be up front about rising costs in the restaurant industry that may have occurred during the pandemic. But not every customer is happy as the owner tries to remain open.

The owner, Brad White, said in a report by Fox 17, “We’re just trying to pay the bills so we can stay open until this is over.

White is faced with the opposition of hungry customers who aren’t making a lot of money right now, so they’re just trying to find affordable food.

So how much is the “Covid Surcharge?” As of now, according to the photograph of this receipt, it’s $1.00.

This is supposed to help reduce the restaurants recover from lost revenue they typically make when serving drinks.

The owner went into some more details about how their sales are damaged, costs are rising, and they’re struggling to remain open. This puts it in perspective for customers who see the extra charge.

Palmer White, a manager, said, “Takeout averages about 82 cents more per meal just to put that meal out cause you’re not just putting it on a plate or tray and washing that again. It’s the silverware, the boxes… When this started, we were running about $50 for a case of burgers and then it was up to $55, $62, $66, $72 last week and they just told me next week it’ll probably be up to $88 a case, so almost double what we were paying. It’s just all these extra costs added onto each plate and we don’t have as many avenues to bring in extra profit in other places.

But now the story takes a twist and the two men address another point. They state that other restaurants might be experiencing the same rising costs of business and increasing prices without telling anyone. They feel their transparency is fair to the customer during this “unfortunate sign of the times” where raising the prices “is what’s needed to survive and once it’s over the “COVID Charge” will go away too.

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After hearing the explanation, some customers might be at ease to know this covers the costs of business and helps keep them open, especially when some of it helps pay the staff.