Republicans push to honor NCAA female swimmer as ‘rightful winner’ over biological male

House Republicans sponsored a resolution on Wednesday recognizing Medallist medalist Emma Weyant as the “true winner” of the National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I swimming championships won by Lia Thomas earlier this month. The situation has gotten so heated that Republican Ron DeSantis also signed a proclamation honoring Weyant as the rightful winner.



Weyant, a 20-year-old University of Virginia freshman, finished second in the 500-yard freestyle against Thomas, a senior at the University of Pennsylvania who swam for three years on the men’s team before switching to the women’s team.

“Throughout the 2022 National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Female’s 500-Yard Solo, Emma Weyant was the quickest woman competing because her first triumph was stolen by a mediocre male who couldn’t cut it in men’s swimming,” said Colorado Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert, who filed the bill.

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More insulting to Weyant is that she’s a female Olympian who lost the championship to a biological male.

Thomas was previously ranked low on the men’s swimming stats and standings, only to be ranked high later on the women’s stats and/or standings.

The measure, which was co-sponsored by 21 House Republicans, celebrated Weyant, who earned a silver medal in the 400m individual medley in the Tokyo Olympics in 2021, and chastised the NCAA for allowing male-born swimmers to compete in women’s sports.

“Emma Weyant dedicated her life to competing throughout the NCAA women’s world championship — only to be defeated by a biological guy,” stated Missouri Republican Rep. Vicky Hartzler. “This is a disgrace to women’s athletics, and it sets a terrible example for future generations of female athletes.”

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