Several Republican congressmen are urging President Biden to undergo a cognitive test. Biden is once again being bombarded with calls for him to follow ex-President Trump’s lead.
On Tuesday, a group of 38 Republicans led by Rep. Ronny Jackson, Trump’s former White House doctor, addressed a letter to the president. They expressed their concern about Biden’s current cognitive state and requested that he undergo the test.
They wrote that all Presidents should do exactly what Trump did, thus documenting and demonstrating their cognitive ability to lead the country, per article.
The group stated that Biden underwent an annual physical exam last year, but the cognitive test wasn’t done or the results stayed hidden from the public. In their letter, Republicans claimed that Kevin O’Connor, White House Physician, confirmed that Biden was fit for the role of a President in a purely physical aspect. However, the group is worried about Biden’s mental and cognitive abilities.
Last June, the lawmakers addressed a similar request to the White House. Back then, the Republicans emphasized that people deserved to know all details about the man who leads the country.
Biden recently labeled Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b—h,” and he forgot the names of states on the campaign trail, according to the Republicans’ recent letter, which can be read here.
This isn’t a one-of-a-kind request. Beginning in 2018, the opponents and members of the press demanded that Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, undergo a cognitive test. The White House Physician gave President Trump a Montreal Cognitive Assessment (MOCA), which he aced.
In a message sent to Fox News Digital, Jackson claimed the cognitive test would assist detect and effectively treating symptoms of impairment that are associated with a number of cognitive illnesses, such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, vascular dementia, or multiple sclerosis.