Newly-minted co-host of ABC’s “The View,” Alyssa Farah Griffin conceded that there were limited circumstances under which she could see herself voting for a Democrat, despite being a Republican.
Hired to fill the vacancy left by Meghan McCain, Griffin was recently announced as the midday talk show’s newest permanent co-host, as she and her co-host, Ana Navarro were supposed to add Republican voices to the majority far-left panel.



The conversation began with co-host Whoopi Goldberg asking whether it might be time for a third party in the United States, and it appeared that Griffin agreed with that assessment.

Goldberg asked: “Is it — is it time for a third party?” Griffin replied, saying: “I think it might be, because the way the parties are structured now and the primary system, we don’t elect the most qualified people.”

She then went on to argue that neither party reflected an America that was more moderate than either party’s extreme, suggested Daily Wire. “We elect the people who cater the most to the base, which is the minority of both parties, rather than people who are most likely to want to get things done, to work across the aisle,” she said.

Apparently referencing the outgoing Wyoming Congresswoman’s claims that she would no longer be Republican if the party nominated former President Donald Trump in 2024, Griffin said: “I’ll say this, I agree about halfway with Liz Cheney. I will full-stop never support an election denier, I still want to work from within with the Republican Party.”

“I believe politics is cyclical, and the Donald Trump moment which has consumed all of us for so long will eventually come to an end. And I hope to influence the party from within. The Donald Trump party is not a conservative party, it’s a populist, nationalist, right-wing party that I have about as much in common with as I do Bernie Sanders,” Griffin added.

All this was followed by Griffin saying that she’d like to see a Republican Party that supported more of the things she agreed with. She then concluded that on a case-by-case basis, she could see the possibility of voting for a Democrat if the party did not move that way.

“I’d be open to it on a case-by-case basis,” said Griffin. “I’d have to look at their policies, and that’s kind of where I am,” she added.

Photo: Twitter video screencap

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