Vice President Kamala Harris went on a four-day diplomatic trip to Paris last week and spent around $500 on cookware in a Parisian shop amid U.S. economic uncertainty and rising inflation.

Harris reportedly dropped 516 euros on pots and pans at high-end cookware store E. Dehillerin, which is located outside of the world-famous Louvre museum.

The vice president brought home a serving dish costing around $375, a frying pan around $160, and other kitchenware items including a porcelain egg dish and a copper cleaner, according to the store, which disclosed the amount of the purchase to the Washington Free Beacon.

After leaving the E. Dehillerin store with shopping bags in her hands, the Vice President was asked by reporters about how her trip to France has prepared her for the presidency.

She did not answer the question directly while she also looked a little surprised by it, but instead touted the success of her diplomatic mission: “I will tell you it was a very productive and a good trip. The U.S. has a lot of follow up to do.”

While Harris was out there in Parisian stores purchasing luxury cookware, Americans across the board continued to deal with the harsh realities of rising inflation and costs in their local stores.

The Biden administration temporarily opened the Strategic Petroleum Reserve this week to drive down the rising price of fuel, but gas and energy prices are still rising going into the winter.

Thanksgiving this year was already one of the costliest in over three decades, with prices soaring 14% compared to last year, while America is facing a supply chain crisis and labor shortage.

Meanwhile, Harris and Doug Emhoff issued a Thanksgiving message video:

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