President Joe Biden’s big $2 trillion American Jobs Plan proposal may cost taxpayers over $666,666 per job created, claims a new report.

This comes after Biden received “two Pinnochios” for suggesting that his proposal would create 19 million jobs, which was stated in a Moody’s analysis, and as stated by CNN, had suggested that the United States economy could possibly add about “16.3 million jobs over the same period if the infrastructure proposal does not get passed.”

A report by Nicholas Ballasy made the claim that about the mathematics behind the proposal and how much it could potentially cost, saying that “subtracting Moody’s 16.3 million figure from Biden’s 19 million projection would equal 2.7 million net jobs created by the infrastructure plan. Rounding up to 3 million jobs and dividing by $2 trillion equals $666,000 per job. If the jobs plan leads to 2.7 million jobs created, the cost to taxpayers would be $740,740.”

This is strictly Ballasy’s analysis and report of Biden’s proposal, not a number set in stone.

On March 31st, the White House released a Fact Sheet on the American Jobs Plan. The fact sheet covered topics from job creation to infrastructure and could potentially change as time goes on and debates are had to determine what their next step is.

Another topic covered in Biden’s American Jobs Plan is targeting big corporations in hopes to have them pay their “fair share in taxes.”

Specifically, it states, “President Biden is releasing a Made in America Tax Plan to make sure corporations pay their fair share in taxes and encourage job creation at home. A recent study found that 91 Fortune 500 companies paid $0 in federal taxes on U.S. income in 2018. Another study found that the average corporation paid just 8 percent in taxes. President Biden believes that profitable corporations should not be able to get away with paying little or no tax by shifting jobs and profits overseas. President Biden’s plan will reward investment at home, stop profit shifting, and ensure other nations won’t gain a competitive edge by becoming tax havens.”

President Joe Biden called his plan a “once in a generation” plan in a recent statement he made about the American Jobs Plan.

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