When y’all think they going to announce that we going into a recession? Cardi-B asks, but gets reminded she encouraged people to vote Biden


Rapper Cardi B spent a few seconds on Twitter this weekend to let everyone know how she feels about the United States economy, suggesting that the country is in a financial recession. However, she was quickly reminded that she may have encouraged her fans to vote for Joe Biden.
Cardi B said: “When y’all think they going to announce that we going into a recession?” to her fans and the response was wild, prompting thousands of retweets and comments.
However, at least one person chimed in and said “blame yourself girl. You told all your fans to go out and vote for Biden.” Another said that “inflation doesn’t mean recession.” And of course, this went right down the rabbit hole everyone expected as an entertainment figure gets mixed up in politics.


Some other replies:
Lavern Spicer: “Blame yourself, girl. You told all your fans to go out and vote for Biden
Tony Bruno: “As long as @JoeBiden is in office: NEVER!
Adam Kuhn: “Weren’t you encouraging people to vote for Joe Biden?
Scott Presler: “If you’re unhappy with $5/gallon gas, then — please — register to vote at your current address. There’s no reason why America should have to purchase oil from other countries or bankrupt its citizens b/c Joe Biden won’t let us drill.
Errol Webber: “Remember when you campaigned with Biden? Yep… here we are.
KD: “Inflation doesn’t mean recession. We’ve had a historic economic recovery & record jobs. Companies get away with price hikes because most people don’t invest and/or listen to earnings calls where companies admit they are raising prices & blaming “inflation”
Dester: “They probably won’t. Biden just undid Trumps oil deal, payroll rose again, Ukraine might be well off for now until the end of summer. If gas prices average goes down in 2 weeks we will be okay. They want to raise pay since inflation and costs are peaking now.
Alison Greene: “Under Biden, the deficit is down & jobs are up. If you wanna know why gas prices are high ask Big Oil companies who make record profits yet still raise prices. If you wanna know why house prices are up ask the Wall Street investors who bought up inventory & hiked up rents.
Kim: “Mama I’m almost 30 and can’t even afford housing with a full time job, they’re renting apartments for $4K in my area, we’re almost in the second Depression
Chad Plough: “Evey damn time a democratic president is in office… people need to wise up and vote republican!!!!
Diamond and Silk: “We don’t give a damn what Cardi B has to say. Remember, she advocated for black people to vote for Biden. Now look, there’s no baby formula, high gas & high food cost. Why the hell is she complaining? If she’s worried about a recession, maybe she should sell one of her mansions!
Armani: “But didn’t you vote for Biden?” Y’all realize literally MILLIONS of people regret voting for Biden right?
Jo Jorgensen: “They won’t announce it until we are 9 months in and they’ve fabricated another story that pushes the blame on someone/something else.

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