Ravens linebacker shot in Cleveland after fight breaks out, four people arrested, coach issues statement

Baltimore Ravens linebacker Malik Harrison was shot by a stray bullet after a fight broke out at a nightclub in Cleveland. He was shot in the leg and it is not life threatening.


Coach Harbaugh issued a statement already. At least four suspects have been arrested, but Harrison was not one of them, and so far does not seem like he was involved, but appears to have been close enough to be hit by a stray bullet. Reports say around 20 shots were fired.


Harrison, 23, a third-round pick in 2020, will return to Baltimore on Monday after receiving medical treatment in a Cleveland hospital.

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Harbaugh stated the injury wasn’t severe, but they are keeping an eye on it of course.

Harrison thanked everyone who had reached out to him and the medical professionals who treated him in a social media message.
In his tweet, Harrison said that he was looking forward to getting back on the football field and playing the game he loved.

The inside linebacker started the first five games of the season, but his playing time has dropped dramatically in recent weeks. In the last three games, Harrison has played less than 20 defensive snaps.

Harrison has 22 tackles for the Ravens, 9th on the team.

The 5-2 Ravens are in first place in the AFC North and will face the Minnesota Vikings (3-4) on Sunday.



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