I don’t trust government to figure out what the truth is: Rand Paul destroys Mayorkas

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Kentucky, questioned Homeland Protection Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on his agency’s recently formed Disinformation Governance Board, stating that the American citizens do not need the federal government to tell them the truth.
Paul especially mentioned assertions he made concerning the COVID-19 outbreak that was inconsistent with government policy.
“Cloth masks don’t work, as I’ve mentioned a million times. I’m taken down by YouTube. I can have that dispute with him since it’s a private firm. So, how about you? Are you going to take a look at that? I often claim that natural protection against illness is on par with or better than vaccination. Are you going to take it down?”
Experts have lately stated that cloth masks are ineffective in reducing COVID-19, yet mask regulations have persisted in many schools and, until recently, on public transit, with cloth masks as acceptable covers. Other approaches requiring vaccination or testing have ended in failure to account for preexisting infection immunity, per report.
“Are you planning to publish material claiming that I’m disseminating false information?” Paul inquired.
“We are not the citizenry’s medical authorities to make such decisions,” Mayorkas remarked.
“So the Disinformation Governance Council won’t include public health? No misinformation about COVID? Do you think so?” Paul was persistent.
Mayorkas refused to respond, alleging Paul was providing him with “vague” hypothetical scenarios. His examples, Paul asserted, were “extremely explicit.” Mayorkas then described a case in which he felt it was acceptable for the government to intervene.
“‘Do not receive the vaccine at a FEMA supervising vaccination station as they are actually marketing fentanyl,'” Mayorkas stated, using a hazardous false claim concerning COVID-19 immunizations as an example.
“Should I just accept it, or should I genuinely convey truthful information?” he wondered. “That is exactly what we are doing and would do. Should FEMA provide truthful information stating that the immunizations we are providing in the facilities we supervise are the COVID-19 vaccines?”
Paul disagrees with the notion that Americans require government assistance.
“I hold the American people in more regard than you do. I believe the American people will be able to find out the truth, “added the senator. “And if you believe the American folks need to be reminded that the vaccine does not contain fentanyl, say so. But the issue is, if you go about claiming to be the judge of knowledge and disinformation, I believe you are clueless. And you wouldn’t have the benefit of hindsight, knowing that the United States government is most likely the biggest breeder of deception in history.”

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