‘QAnon Shaman’ sentenced to 41 months in prison in connection with January 6 Capitol riot

The QAnon Shaman,  Jacob Chansley, has been sentenced to forty-one months in prison for his involvement in the US Capitol riot that took place on January 6. The Justice Department had requested a hefty sentence for Chansley to set an example for the January 6 rioters, presenting Chansley as a symbol for barbaric behavior.


Chansley has acquired notoriety as the “QAnon Shaman,” a figure associated with the online fringe movement photographed inside the Senate chamber wearing face paint and a headdress.

Despite Chansley’s repeated attempts to generate sympathy and his release, Judge Royce Lamberth has kept him in jail since his arrest.
Because Chansley is one of the first criminal defendants to get a sentence out of over 660 Capitol riot cases, other judges are likely to look to Lamberth’s sentencing as a suitable benchmark.

Chansley’s unusual appearance while leading others through the Capitol while roaring into a bullhorn caused pictures of him to go viral. He made his way to the Senate dais, which had been swiftly abandoned earlier by then-Vice President Mike Pence. The note that Chensley left was “It’s Only A Matter Of Time. Justice Is Coming!”

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Chansley was also seen waving an American flag on a speared flagpole, which authorities described as a weapon.

Prosecutor Kimberly Paschall presented many recordings to demonstrate Chansley’s entry into the Capitol and Senate chamber and described the role of the flag-bearer to be terrifying.

Before January 6, Chansley posted angry comments on social media, encouraging his numerous followers to expose corrupt officials, identify government traitors, stop the theft, and abolish the deep state, according to Paschall.

Chansley asked for a pardon from then-President Donald Trump after the violence and his imprisonment. While in custody, he also went on a hunger strike in an attempt to obtain organic food and spoke to “60 Minutes” without permission from jail. Chansley plead guilty to a felony charge of hindering Congress’ certification of the 2020 election in September.

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