Protesters have arrived at Sen. Lindsey Graham’s house located in Washington, D.C. and they do not want the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s seat to be filled just yet. In particular, the protesters do not want Ginsburg’s seat filled by President Donald Trump’s administration.

The protest was somewhat labeled “Wake Up Lindsey Graham” and posted on Facebook video by ABC 7 News. That particular video can be seen here.

The protesters have arrived because Sen. Lindsey Graham already seems to favor getting a quick replacement for the late Justice Ginsburg, particularly before the election in November.

It appears to be just a few dozen protesters, at best. A multitude of social media posts and videos were shared online, showing the demonstration and it appeared to be mostly peaceful. The protesters made a lot of noise and held up signs saying things such as “I can’t sleep so neither should Lindsey” and “two faced coward” as stated by IJR.

Mitch McConnell appears to be in favor of getting a quick replacement as well. However, on social media, the tides are divided with many Republicans calling for Trump’s administration to “fill the seat” and Democrat supporters wanted Trump to wait until after the election and let the next president, or himself if he wins, then find a replacement for the late Justice Ginsburg.

Ginsburg passed away last Friday from complications that arose while she had metastatic pancreatic cancer.

Below is a collection of social media posts showing what’s happening with the protest at Sen. Lindsey Graham’s house.


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