An Ivy League professor is facing backlash after claiming that Texas cops didn’t respond quickly enough to last week’s school massacre in Uvalde because they “didn’t give a damn” about the predominantly Latino students.
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In a post that she later removed, Anthea Butler, an assistant professor of Religious Studies & Africana Studies at the University of Pennsylvania and an MSNBC volunteer, made the astonishing allegation. The charge was made as new information emerged concerning local police’s slow response, which reportedly took more than an hour to raid a Robb Elementary School classroom where the shooter was slaying children.
“So since no one else will ask, I will. Did those children die because most of them were Mexican American and the police didn’t give a damn about a school w predominately brown kids? I mean, because it’s Texas..and if you think everyone who isn’t white is illegal,” Butler posted, as reported.
Critics point out that Uvalde School District Police Chief Pedro “Pete” Arredondo, as well as city Police Chief Daniel Rodriguez, are both Latino. Arredondo reportedly held policemen back as 19 children and two teachers were massacred by a shooter. A number of the local and federal cops that came to the scene also are Latino, and several of them have children who attend the school.
Because mass shooters are sometimes motivated by a desire for infamy, The Daily Wire’s policy is to not identify the shooter, who ended up murdered by an elite Border Patrol agent.
Butler’s remark should be protected as free speech, according to George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley, who also pointed out that Republican professors who make considerably less contentious statements backed by evidence are frequently punished or fired.
“Professor Butler has a long history of offensive racial statements,” Turley noted. “While some have previously called for her termination, these comments (including this disgraceful tweet) should be protected under principles of free speech and academic freedom. However, this is another example of the double standard often applied at universities, which are quick to investigate, discipline, or fire conservative, libertarian, or dissenting faculty members in such controversies.”
Butler’s fiery reaction was slammed by others on Twitter.
“Anthea Butler is the new kind of College intellectual racist, dumb and absolutely wrong,” tweeted @Johncxgw.
“That is crazy,” tweeted @RCalantjis. “There were white kids who died too. This has nothing to do with it.”
Butler has branded conservatives “craven and evil,” as well as former Trump administration Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson, a “coon.” According to Professor Watch List, she is the writer of White Evangelical Racism, in which she contends that Christianity in the United States is intertwined with slavery and support for the Ku Klux Klan.
EDITOR’S NOTE: It’s unbelievable this person has a job teaching at a prestigious college.
Photo: screenshot from video.

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