Woman goes on profanity-laced rant targeting Court Justice Alito, live on Tucker Carlson (video)

During Monday’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” a protester outdoors of Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s residence threw an f-bomb live on camera, causing presenter & Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson immediately shut off the live shot.

Protesters assembled outside of Alito’s Virginia house to voice their opposition to a recently revealed Supreme Court draft judgment by Alito that will overturn Roe v. Wade.
“Prior to Joe Biden being president, Supreme Court judges were authorized to write conclusions because that’s how the system operated,” Carlson explained. “Now we’re going to take you to Alexandria, Virginia, near Justice Samuel Alito’s residence, to show you what it’s like to write an opinion that the crowd doesn’t like.” “Those are real-time images,” per report.
The live footage then cuts to a woman reading her cellphone and speaking to the throng before waving her middle finger toward Alito’s home.
She said, ”Fuck  Samuel Alito.” “And fuck everyone who believes they can tell somebody they aren’t-”
Carlson cut the lady off right away.
“Ah, well, then, let’s turn it off.” Carlson said, “Too much.”
“It saddens me to even show anything like that on television,” he said, “but people should see what this genuinely looks like.”
The Senate passed a safety bill Monday that extends armed security to the families of Supreme Court judges. The bill will give the justices’ families round-the-clock security protection comparable to that provided to members of Congress.
The action comes after a left-wing group, “Ruth Sent Us,” released the supposed addresses of 6 conservative justices asking for protests in front of their houses over the claimed decision.

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