Even though the mascot is one of the most adorable dogs you’ll ever see, that didn’t stop PETA from freaking out over it. PETA, or People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, wants the university to stop having a live mascot. The mascot of the University of Georgia is a bulldog. The English bulldog mascot of the famous football program, Uga X, was seen pouting and showing his sad puppy dog eyes during No. 4 Georgia’s win over the Texas A&M Aggies.

It’s very clear that this dog is well-loved and taken care for, but PETA still threw a fit over it. WATCH this video:

The good pup was pent up in his specially made, University of Georgia-themed dog house, which has a permanent air conditioner, plenty of room, and a great view of the cheerleaders. While everyone else had to put up with rain, the dog enjoyed the coziness of his luxurious dog home. After seeing the video, PETA tweeted that Uga “LOOKS MISERABLE” and urged the institution to immediately retire the dog, said a report on Business Insider.

PETA’s tweet says that no dog deserves to be taken from state to state and used as a mascot in front of a screaming fan crowd. PETA feels that the bulldog should be with a loving family. Following PETA’s post, supporters immediately defended the university and its mascot and said that Uga has a very extravagant life.

One Tweeter used explained that the bulldog lives a better life than the majority of humans in Georgia. The user feels that UGA X gets the best treatment. One lady tweeted that the dog’s house has A/C and that he flies first class and stays in a hotel room during his travels. However, the user explains that the dog is not owned by the University. A man who owns the dog brings him to the games.

The mascot resides in Savannah, Georgia, with his owners, the Seiler family, who drives Uga up to Athens in his own custom-built Georgia-red vehicle. Uga often travels with the Bulldogs while they are playing away from home. Uga is pampered on the University of Georgia campus and has a publicist and a lawyer. He travels in a golf cart and has a suite at a hotel where he takes a bath prior to each home game.

Given the long legacy of Uga in Georgia, it seems unlikely that the school or the Seiler family would agree to PETA’s demands.

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