Vice President Mike Pence has reportedly called Vice President-elect Kamala Harris to congratulate her on winning the 2020 election with President-elect Joe Biden. A report on AP suggests this is the first time that the current president or vice president has communicated with their future successors who will take over on January 20th.

The report also suggests that President Donald Trump has not contacted Joe Biden or Kamala Harris, nor has he invited them to the White House since losing the election.

Vice President Mike Pence appears to be moving along smoothly and allowing the peaceful transition of power to those who won the 2020 election and he appears to be ready to assist as needed.

AP’s report stated the call between Pence and Harris was a ““good call,” according to one of the people familiar with the conversation, with Pence congratulating Harris and offering his assistance. The people spoke on condition of anonymity to describe the private exchange.”

With the president banned from numerous social media platforms, his main means of communication, it seems, is through White House statements and sometimes being able to post a video on the White House Twitter account.

President Donald Trump had recently accepted part of the blame for the incidents that occurred at the Capitol and a recent video he released called for people to ease the tensions and not participate in any violence.

Trump will host a departure ceremony at Joint Base Andrews on the morning of Joe Biden’s inauguration and will possibly travel to Florida when he leaves the White House and Joe Biden’s administration takes over.

Trump has already stated that he will not attend Joe Biden’s inauguration. He originally stated this message on Twitter, but his account had been suspended and the message is no longer viewable. It does appear that Vice President Mike Pence and his wife will be in attendance.

It should be noted that President Donald Trump could change plans at anytime.

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