President Donald Trump beat the impeachment and it didn’t take long for House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff to come up with a new way to investigate him. Just so happens, the Democrats are doing it right in the middle of a crisis as the country suffers through a pandemic and Trump already has enough to deal with.

House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is requesting that there be a “9/11 style” committee who investigates the Trump administration and looks for “mistakes” being made in response to the virus. More specifically, Schiff wants “House Democrats must investigate the Trump administration’s handling of virus testing and the government’s distribution of personal protective equipment for healthcare workers.”

Schiff also wants to make sure there’s no favoritism among political allies with Trump. However, the Democrats are currently being criticized for wanting the Kennedy Center to receive $25 million in the relief bill, and many other unrelated issues to be funded as well. Those were considered “pet projects” or “pork” by critics and Republicans who opposed their requests.

To add to the controversy with the Kennedy Center, they had fired 96 musicians shortly after finding out the CARES Act would provide them with $25 million in relief funds.

Speaker Pelosi has her own plans for investigating Trump. She announced the creation of the House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis. This is a team of people who will be permitted to investigate how President Donald Trump’s administration is working and handling the situation.

Many critics believe that instead of focusing on the hunt for Trump’s mistakes, the Democrats should be more involved in providing solutions and working with the president for the good of the American people.

Despite all that’s going on, the Democrats still remain focused on Trump, as they have appeared ever since he’s taken the White House.

Users on social media have spoken out against the investigations of Trump because it does not appear to be beneficial to the American people. Many believe Democrats are spending too much time focused on ways to take down Trump that it’s affecting their job to work for the American people.

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