House Speaker Nancy Pelosi reacted angrily to a San Francisco archbishop’s choice to restrict her from receiving Holy Communion because of her pro-abortion attitude, & questioning the Catholic Church’s response to death penalty supporters. He also said she’s risking danger to her soul, and her response was met by critics saying she’s a bad leader.
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On “America’s Newsroom,” Fox News contributor & theologian Jonathan Morris justified the decision, accusing the preacher of “politicizing” her beliefs while continuing to advocate for abortion.
“What Nancy Pelosi is doing is… politicizing her faith by saying, actually, I’m right, and I’m going to go against my faith and say that it’s actually with my faith,” Morris said to co-hosts, Dana Perino & Martha MacCallum.” That’s, I think, terrible leadership on the part of Nancy Pelosi.”
“I would also say that Pope Francis has a responsibility here,” he added. “The bishops are being left in a very hard position. He needs to say if canon law gives responsibility to the bishops to be guardian of the sacraments, well, then they should be encouraged to do that, or else canon law should be changed.”
Pelosi was barred from Holy Communion by San Francisco Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone on Friday. But on Sunday, Pelosi reportedly received communion in Washington, D.C, per report.
During an MSNBC interview, Pelosi questioned why the church does not prohibit practicing Catholics who favor the death penalty from getting it.
“He has tried over and over again to do this in a private way, saying, please, just either don’t call yourself a practicing Catholic and saying that this is actually good or stop promoting those things,” Morris added.
In reaction, Whoopi Goldberg, co-host of “The View,” attacked the archbishop, claiming it is not his “responsibility” to make such a decision.
Despite her comments, Morris noted that an archbishop’s job description includes “teaching” the Catholic faith and serving as the “guardian of the sacraments.”
“The archbishop is saying, Nancy Pelosi, choose what you wish,” Morris continued. “Do you want to be a practicing Catholic or do you not? And if you want to be a practicing Catholic, stop doing something that goes directly against a major tenant of the faith: protecting life.”

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