Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is feeling the backlash after her husband Paul purchased over $1 million worth of computer chip stocks weeks ahead of a major Congress vote related to – you guessed it – computer chips. Rep. Elise Stefanik was one of the most vocal leaders in the slamming of Paul Pelosi, saying this purchase and their connections to Congress certainly don’t smell right.
WATCH the video about Paul Pelosi’s purchase:

Rep. Elise Stefanik didn’t hold back when speaking poorly of the Pelosi family who finds ways to make tons of money while Nancy works in government and Paul makes trades that she claims to have no knowledge of – which everyone knows is BS. No married man in America is making stock purchases over a million dollars without his wife knowing ahead of time, otherwise she’d kick him out to sleep in the lawn of their pretty big house.

Stefanik said to ‘America’s Newsroom’ the following: “I think this is one of the untold stories of Nancy Pelosi’s speakership and her time, frankly, in Congress… And it’s not just the investment in domestic semiconductor chip manufacturing. This is what we’ve seen when Paul Pelosi has purchased stock options for Big Tech companies, making tens of millions of dollars as Nancy Pelosi slow walked potential legislation to rein in the power of Big Tech companies… And as the American people are suffering, as they’re looking at their investments continuing to plummet, the fact that the Pelosis are profiting… It just doesn’t smell right. And frankly, it is one of the commitments of Republicans in a majority to make sure that we have the correct rules in place, to make sure that there’s no malfeasance, and to make sure that members of Congress and their family members, particularly their spouses, are not able to profit at all over these types of investing.”

Fox News reached out to Nancy Pelosi’s office and her spokesperson responded, reminding people that she herself does not own any stocks and then claimed that she has no knowledge or involvement of Paul’s purchases – which we all know is a flat out lie, but there’s simply no way to physically prove it.
FOX Business reached out to Pelosi’s office for comment about her husband’s recent stock trades, particularly inquiring about Paul Pelosi’s million-dollar purchase of stock in a semiconductor company as Congress is slated to vote on a $52 billion subsidy to the industry as part of a bill to increase U.S. manufacturing of computer chips to make the country less reliant and more competitive with China. 
“The Speaker does not own any stocks.  As you can see from the required disclosures, with which the Speaker fully cooperates, these transactions are marked ‘SP’ for Spouse. The Speaker has no prior knowledge or subsequent involvement in any transactions,” Nancy Pelosi’s spokesman, Drew Hammill, said in a statement to FOX Business. 
Regarding proposals to ban trading by members of Congress, Hammill said, “there are at least three proposals introduced in the House in this regard and the Speaker has asked the Committee on House Administration to review these proposals,” adding that FOX Business “should check with the committee on their latest.”
What stock did Paul Pelosi buy? According to my research on Google, it appears to be computer chip Nvidia. They make cool stuff for computers, like graphics chips, and they’re really awesome actually. But that doesn’t mean Paul Pelosi should be buying it weeks before a major Congress vote. Obviously, that’s shady and he’s got inside info from Nancy Pelosi. If you think they’re not talking about it over dinner and ice cream, then you’re simply crazy.

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