Obama: Die Hard is not a Christmas movie

Former President Barack Obama has weighed in on the longtime debate of Die Hard being a Christmas movie and not everyone will agree with his opinion.


The former president was being interviewed on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, and Fallon asked if Die Hard was a Christmas movie. Obama’s said no and suggested that Die Hard is simply an action movie that “happens to involve tangentially Christmas.”

Obama also says that It’s a Wonderful Life and Charlie Brown Christmas – are Christmas movies.

Despite the popularity of calling the Bruce Willis action movie a Christmas movie, there are many who suggest that it simply is not.

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Fallon says he agrees that Die Hard is not a Christmas movie. He also calls Obama’s answer unbelievable and says “this is the best interview” he’s ever done.

Here’s Obama chiming in:

Calling Die Hard a Christmas movie has become a popular trend every December, but Obama is not the only one who disagrees.

It was Bruce Willis himself who said two years ago during a Comedy Central roast that “Die Hard is not a Christmas movie.” Then it was Jan de Bont, the cinematographer of the movie, who was quoted by Yahoo News as saying “Iā€™m not sure if the spirit of Christmas is fully embraced by that movie, to be honest.”

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