Governor Doug Burgum, a Republican, signed a bill prohibiting the teaching of critical race theory in North Dakota public schools on Friday.

In a statement sent to The Daily Wire, Governor Burgum explained that this bill answers parents’ concerns while keeping the local school boards’ decision-making ability to accept curriculum that is aligned with state content standards while being factual and objective.

Republican Representative Dan Ruby, who was a sponsor on the bill, spoke with The Daily Wire too. He emphasized that teaching history and social studies were essential and not hindered by a restriction on CRT. Ruby’s opinion is that students should learn about how their country’s founding was based on many great principles. He focused on the need to address the mistakes that have been made throughout the country’s history. Saying that the US is racist denies the truth about the country’s struggles to ensure equality and opportunities for all minorities, Ruby concludes.

Democratic state Representative Corey Mock expressed worries about the bill’s apparent lack of an enforcement mechanism, according to KFYR. Mock talked about the fear of passing a flawed law that will have to be worked on next year.

Critical Race Theory has quickly become a polarizing issue in public schools and the workplace. Although numerous conservatives keep pointing out the fact that ‘race essentialism’ is being taught in schools, the progressives deny the existence of critical race theory.

During a debate with Ana Kasparian from “The Young Turks,” Ben Shapiro addressed the popular topic and disagreed with Kasparian’s claim that the sprint to ban CRT was just a distraction. Shapiro believes that what’s being taught in schools is a boiled down version of the race essentialism ideology.

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