Looks like someone is very tired of how the homeless people are being inhumanly treated, so the Netflix co-CEO has rejected a candidate endorsed by President Joe Biden. A message that appeared as an advertisement on The Hollywood Reporter’s website ahead of the election, which was signed by Netflix Co-CEO Ted Sarandos, expressed support for Los Angeles mayoral candidate Rick Caruso.

Los Angeles residents were encouraged to vote for Caruso for mayor by the digital ad, which FOX Business encountered on The Hollywood Reporter’s website a day before the election.

According to the ad, reported by Fox News, Sarandos called the billionaire real estate developer “the Democrat I’ve been waiting for.” Sarandos, who described himself as a “lifetime Democrat,” told voters in the ad to cast their ballot for Caruso if they are “tired of the inhumane way the homeless population lives in this city, the filth that goes uncleaned, the corruption in city hall, shrinking law enforcement and rising crime and now, the threat of even high taxes.”

In December 2021, philanthropist Jacqueline Avant, who was his mother-in-law, was killed during a burglary at her Beverly Hills home. The ad continued, saying: “This city is at an inflection point.” “This election is the most important in memory. There are problems in the world and in the country that need to be solved, but it starts locally,” read the ad.

In late May, Caruso previously tweeted that he was “honored” to have received Sarandos’ endorsement. It was recently reported that other public figures have also voiced support for Caruso, including Katy Perry, Chris Pratt, Kim Kardashian, Snoop Dogg,  and Gwyneth Paltrow.

On the other side, Democratic Congresswoman Karen Bass, who is his competitor in the Los Angeles mayoral race, has been backed by former President Barack Obama, actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus, director Steven Speilberg, and others. According to government records, before becoming an independent in 2011, Caruso, a former president of the Los Angeles Police Commission, was a Republican for over 20 years.

Five years after becoming an independent, he changed back to Republican and then switched again to independent in 2019. Shortly before joining the mayoral race in February, he became a Democrat.

The midterm elections are over and the suspected ‘red wave’ didn’t pan out as Republicans had hoped. Maybe next time more people will get out to vote.

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