Democrats elect new leadership team and replacement for Nancy Pelosi

The House Democrats have made up their minds and elected some new figures to fill leadership roles when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Majority Leader, Steny Hoyer, step down from their roles. Nancy Pelosi’s replacement will be Democrat Rep. Hakeem Jeffries. Pelosi is 82-years-old and well past the time of retirement and Hakeem Jeffries is only 52.


Jeffries will be working with deputy Rep. Katherine Clark, a 59-year-old progressive who’s worked with Jeffries before. Her role then was serving as the vice chair of the Democratic Caucus and the assistant speaker during this time in Congress. She was also previously serving as minority whip, reported CNBC.

As previously reported, the House GOP spent about $4 million in hopes to defeat Nancy Pelosi, but it appears she’ll be stepping down on her own anyway.

In an effort to help Mike Lawler defeat Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY), House Republicans are investing $4 million in television ads. The Congressional Leadership Fund, a super PAC, is targeting the New York City broadcast market with its new spending. In addition to the ad, the super PAC said it would begin airing a short advertisement on Wednesday aimed at Maloney’s decisions on cash bail and crime.

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The interviewer asks, “Do you believe in ending cash bail?” Maloney responds, “Absolutely and I’d make it a top priority.” At the end of the announcement, a narrator says, “Sean Patrick Maloney wants it easier for violent criminals to get back on the street.”

Maloney’s part of the dialogue was taken from a debate he had about cash bail in 2018 while running for state attorney general. According to Maloney, Lawler’s super PAC spending makes him “another Trump errand boy.” Maloney said, “I’ve won 5 times in a Trump district and I didn’t need to play footsie with insurrectionists to do it. Lawler is just another Trump errand boy who will be too busy taking away your reproductive rights to deliver for the Hudson Valley.” There are half a dozen competitive races in New York that could determine whether Republicans regain control of the House in the midterm elections, including Maloney-Lawler in the Hudson Valley.

Lawler who was first elected in 2012 and is seeking a sixth term, has released internal polls asserting that he has a slight lead over Maloney. Lawler is a state assemblyman representing Rockland. He previously served as executive director of the state Republican Party.

“Republicans have spent millions against me and their numbers still say MAGA Mike Lawler is losing. CLF can light another $4 million on fire and peddle open racism in an attempt to rescue their loser candidate — it won’t work,” Maloney stated.

More recently, Pelosi’s husband Paul has been involved with legal issues stemming from a DUI and then an alleged attack that occurred at the Pelosi residence. However, people are now upset because the District Attorney suggested they will not release the body cam footage from the alleged Pelosi attack.

Our previous report stated that during the attack on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s, D-Calif., husband, U.S. Capitol Police had a camera feed showing the outside of their home in San Francisco, but no one was monitoring it at the time, two sources familiar with the situation said. At the Capitol complex and around the country, this camera is just one of about 1,800 that the Capitol Police have the ability to monitor. But no one was actively watching the camera feed when the break-in occurred, the Washington Post first reported.

However, when Pelosi is at her home, the house is being monitored full time. One of the sources said that “she is the mission.” But the agency’s ability to monitor all of its feeds could be limited as the Capitol Police have around 2,300 employees, including those at the homes of protectees when they aren’t there. At the time her husband, Paul Pelosi, was attacked, the House Speaker was in Washington.

The 42-year-old David DePape, who is the suspect in the attack, was charged by California prosecutors, with attempted murder, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, residential burglary, false imprisonment, and threatening a public official.

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